Why Work With Me?



There is no wrong system or wrong person. There is only the right timing and the right match.

It’s important to connect with your heart to find a perfect match for You.


My mission is to bring conventional as well as innovative methods together and find the best application possible in each situation. I deeply honour the most Ancient Sacred Teachings of the Word and seek to pass them on with as much clarity and as little distortion as possible.


I teach deep inner work for a personal transformation. Which also means that it has to be a COMPLETE system, integrating Body, Mind and Spirit. You cannot fully change your life just by focusing on one field, for example health. You have to see it as a whole, because health might be influenced by your relationships or something else in your life that you’ve never thought of. Otherwise your complete focus on health will make other parts of life collapse. You might physically feel better and better everyday, but your relationships, job, inner peace and You will be disturbed. My goal is to help you reach the complete BALANCE.


Transformational coaching is like a journey to becoming a “New Human” where you will get to know what you are made of. We will dive into your physical, energetic structure and your limited beliefs and patterns. I’ll share with you all the tools that will allow you to embrace your inner power and become a Master of your own. And while I won’t pretend to have all the answers, I’ll certainly help you discover yours.


As per my background, it is based on Psychology, Naturopathy, different Ancient World Traditions, Esoteric and Energy Healing Arts and many other fields and experiences. I studied with internationally known Healers and Shamans and experienced everything that I was learning with my own skin. I believe that this is the best way to truly transfer the knowledge and help others.


As my work is closely related to my inner world, I am committed to learning and evolving on this path everyday and I continuously study with some of the world leading experts.


If you resonate with my words, you’re in the right place.


Are you ready to start jour journey?