Forgiveness Meditation



So as you might have figured out…


Everything in life is about relationships!


And it’s not only the relationship with your lover or the people surrounding you. It includes the relationship with yourself, with certain situations and even the relationship with different objects…


If you don’t know how to master your relationships, you will not be able to experience true happiness. There will always be someone or something to disturb your peace. Your happiness will always depend on external conditions and you will keep looping in the same action-reaction circle. As soon as someone will do something you do not like, accept or understand, you will have an automatic reaction that will most likely involve negative feelings and will change your whole energy.


If your happiness depends on others, then you are a slave, you are not free, you are in bondage – Osho


So how do you stop that vicious circle and revive or create those beautiful heart-opening relationships?


In order to create loving and harmonious relationships, you need to take a step back and look at your past relationships that left a bitter taste.


Not all that pretty, right?


All the feelings that you carry around from past relationships is your baggage that is holding your energy trapped in the past and prevents you from experiencing Heaven on earth. If you want your access to Paradise, you must clear anything and everything that is not love in your heart: any confusion, anger, hate, stress, jealousy, attachment…


The path into the New Earth is simple. No guilt. No shame. No regrets.



In the diagram above you can see a range of different frequencies that human emotions emits. And so to be able to experience the emotions of love, joy and peace, you need to first accept your life, let go of the past.


And to do that, you need to FORGIVE.


Here we are. I can feel the resistance to this word already.



But wait. Didn’t you say you want a new future? What about those amazing relationships?


Stay with me.


Remember that forgiveness is all about YOU. You’re not forgiving others because you think they deserve your forgiveness. You do it because you know You deserve peace.


When you forgive, you become stronger, you get in touch with your personal power. You prove to yourself that you can let go, move on and break free from the shackles of your past. Remember that any negative emotion is simply a sign of weakness.

``The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong`` – Mathama Gandhi

Forgiveness liberates your mind and body. See it as a tool. If “used” correctly, it shifts your energy and removes the projections that you have, it takes out the subconscious garbage so you can see the world with more clarity. And when you do, you will not need to depend on others making you happy. You will be the one creating your peace and happiness. You will be in a conscious creation process.


So you might wonder, “who do I forgive first?”


I’m sure you can think of at least one person in your life that you are still holding heavy feelings for.


You might be tempted to jump to your previous love relationship (your ex lover, ex boyfriend). Yes, there is a lot to forgive.


But not so fast.


Even though you might be interested in working on your intimate love relationships, to do that, first, you need to go back to the relationships that lay the foundation for all the other relationships. And that is the relationship to yourself and your primary caregivers, your parents. These fundamental relationships keep influencing your life and every single relationship that you have with others on a daily basis. You are just not aware enough of your subconscious mind and what you have suppressed, to notice it. That is why you start with forgiving yourself and your parents fist.


Remember. You do it for yourself.




As  you can see in the illustration, all of your memories, judgements, emotional reactions, automatic bodily functions and etc. are residing in your subconscious mind.


So how do you really do that? How do you forgive?


Forgiveness can be divided in 2 stages.


❥ You go through an analytical process where you’re trying to understand the relationship with your parents or yourself. You analyse the situations that made you feel negative emotions and try to see what lessons they brought you.

❥ You shift your energy through a practice – a meditation in this case. You release the trauma that is stored in your body due to a negative past experience.


Processing any life experiences through the mind is only half of the job. When using the mind only, you’re able to understand it better in a rational way but since you don’t always access your body, the emotions and/or the trauma is still stored in your body and it will keep producing the same emotional reaction pattern that is difficult to control.


But when you shift your energy through a practice such as this meditation, both – your body and mind becomes liberated and a deeper understanding comes to you by itself. Then you notice that all of a sudden the people around you start changing and you are not triggered as before.


But the truth is that it’s only your perception that has changed. It is you who have changed, not them. You no longer react to triggering situations with your injured subconscious auto-response mechanism. And you see the world through new lenses. And because of it, It feels like Heaven on Earth!

``Forgiveness says you are given another chance to make a new beginning.`` - Desmond Tutu

So working on these foundational relationships is literally life changing. After this you can move on and analyse and clear other traumatic relationships in your life.


And if you have resistance, know that carrying the hurt inside and not forgiving is only destructive to yourself. Those feelings are eating You up, not those who you can’t forgive.


So even if you are a little sceptic, give it a shot, with all your heart. What if the next 20 minutes will change your life?


You have nothing to lose, in fact you have much to gain.

before you start:


To start a meditation, find a comfortable and isolated place where you won’t be disturbed and where you will feel comfortable to freely express any emotions that might come up. Sit on a chair or in lotus position and make sure that your spine is always straight. You may lie down as well, but it might make you too sleepy.


To be able to take full advantage of this practice, it is important to avoid any external stimuli. You can cover your eyes with eye-mask and you can use headphones if there are any distracting noises around you.


If you do not feel a release the first time you do it, repeat the meditation. You can do it each day for about a week until there is no emotion left, just deep peace.


So get comfortable and here we go…


Bon voyage!