Bring Balance and Healing into your Life

Align all your chakras with the support of intentionally hand painted

artwork sending out high vibrational energy, ready to hang on your



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Do you struggle to concentrate or feel anxious at times? Are you constantly

worrying about something? Are your energy levels lower than usual?


As everything in our universe is radiating energy and all of our cells emit energy in different

ways, it comes at no surprise that when our energy centers in the body – the chakras – become

imbalanced, it can cause a variety of problems.


The hand painted artwork series for those who want to invite

more balance and healing energy into their space.



These fine art originals are hand painted in a meditative state with the intention of bringing

healing and balance into your life as well as aligning all of your chakras. As they are charged

with high vibrating energy and sacred mantras, they are incredibly powerful catalysts for change

and emit higher frequencies to their surroundings.


7 paintings 10 x 10 inches each (25 x 25cm)

Total combined length 5 ft10″ (178 cm) if no spaces

Acrylic painting, ready to hang

Delivered wrapped to protect from moisture and denting and covered with satin varnish for protection.






















Invite Healing Energy into your Space and become your most Balanced Self!

Total Value $555


(Limited Time Offer) + Free Shipping Canada







The perfect gift


The chakra artwork set is a perfect high quality gift for yourself or a loved

one that can raise the energy of your home or work space.

We happily add a personalized gift card and gift wrapping to your order.

10% of revenue is donated directly to chosen charities or projects. Some of previous donations include

Yogananda Youth Services, Q’ero Children Education, Agniyogana Documentary.

















Invite Healing Energy into your Space and become your most Balanced Self!

Total Value $555

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(Limited Time Offer) + Free Shipping Canada

The Artist

Nalini Gallery is a space where I share my creation while joining my biggest passions:

spirituality, art, sacred geometry and high vibration.


Symbols and mandalas that are transmitted in the art are pieces of codes of the Source that can be absorbed by

human mind and slowly integrated into the body to transform the states of consciousness, increase the

frequency and heal. Each of them works on different aspects of awareness and are incredibly powerful

catalysts for change. As well as sacred geometry, you will find the elements of Hinduism, Taoism arts and



Nalini paintings is my contribution to a positive world change and a way to creatively express my prayers to the

Universe. Life is much more than survival, it is beauty, magic, peace and constant growth and I am incredibly grateful

to be able to contribute to the expansion of these qualities.


Ieva Nalini