Today, I am taking you on an EPIC journey with me.


So get cosy, put the song on and here we go…






And you might be one of those people that have been waiting for something… something BIG to happen. Maybe you were waiting for it so long that you even forgot you were waiting in the first place?


If you’re already on your spiritual journey, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. If not, it is the TIME to open your Eye(s). It’s time to wake up and get ready, because we are slowly approaching something BIG.


Just a couple more steps and we will enter something completely NEW and DIFFERENT. Something magical. Something that all of us really wanted and waited for… for a long time. More precisely… just a couple more steps and we will be reborn into a new level of… CONSCIOUSNESS


Oh goodness, that makes me way WAY too excited.


Do you know what I’m talking about?! You MUST have a clue! If no, let me share these CRAZY news with you.


The YEAR 2019 is going to be very DIFFERENT. And if you use your intuition, I’m sure you can feel it. There is something telling you that this year is going to be BIG. Like NEVER before. And I’m NOT saying that only to inspire you. I’m talking about something WAY bigger than just an inspiration. I’m talking about something that will affect BILLIONS of lives.


Don’t believe me?


Have you ever heard of Mayan prophecies? Or other natives prophecies (Hopi)? I’m sure you’ve at least heard of 2012 December 22nd – The End of Times? Many people were apathic to this prophecy. Others were expecting something tragic and irreversible. According to the Mayan prophecy itself, that was a MID date of The End of Time where the Earth, Sun and the center of the Galaxy aligned all together. It was the mid point of a shift, of a new cycle that brought very intense new energy to the Earth.


However, the beginning of the shift started on October 24, 2007. The time when Comet Holmes moved into our solar system. At first nobody paid much attention to it, but soon it exploded and became physically larger than the sun (it is the largest object ever observed in our solar system). That was “the blue star” that Hopi prophesied about 200 years ago. And that marked the beginning of The End of Times.


And ever since 2007 thousands of people awakened to a new level of consciousness and discovered a world they did not know existed. Many people for the first time experienced true miracles and magic even if they never believed in it. Many had supernatural and unearthly experiences and finally REMEMBERED who they truly are leaving their SUFFERING in the past. Many people got a taste of what ONENESS feels like. There was more mystical activity on Earth than EVER before. *Goodness, i have goosebumps*. Many eyes were watching and are still watching this shift on Earth.


During this period, thousands of people had an access to the sacred knowledge that was only accessible to a few selected ones before… and millions of lifes COMPLETELY shifted to a new dimension.


But that was just a PREPARATION…


For what? you will ask.


This year 2019 is the closing window of this massive shift that started in 2007. It’s the closing window for native prophecies to come to reality. This closing is expected to be marked by “the red star” appearing in the sky.


It’s the time when we wake up from the dream that we call REALITY. It’s the time when we experience life BEYOND our imagination. It is the time when we shift into a graceful feminine energy… fully on. It’s the time when ANYTHING can happen. Anything You desire in your Heart.
We’ve been waiting so long !


Yes, you might be one of those that never heard of it or you might one of those tired of waiting… but I KNOW this awakens the magic inside of your Heart.


I just want to remind you that no matter what you are going through, no matter how chaotic your life is at the moment, remember to stay in your HEART. All of what you are going through is just a part of the process. It HAS to be the way it is. Because something much bigger than you can imagine is happening behind the scenes, much bigger than ANY of us.


And it is finally moving towards a balance that we never knew before.


And now it’s an EXTREMELY important time to stay CONNECTED. To your Heart, your Guides, your Angels, Mother Earth, God… whatever you believe in.


Because we will be experiencing massive changes. I’m sure you already tasted some of it in the last years, right?


So remember to connect and surrender to the change that is taking place in your life. Allow the river of life to take you in a new direction. Learn to flow and stop resisting. The less you resist, the more EPIC this shift will be.


And yes, there will be new challenges. But if you stay in your Heart, it will only manifest as MIRACLES. Because LOVE is the fuel of our vehicle. And when we are charged, we can handle anything. Remember, it’s an INTERNAL SHIFT FIRST. And believe me, you WANT to be a part of this shift. I know I do !


And so you know, it’s not only a Mayan prophecy. Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and many others talked about 2019 as an extremely important year. And even though me and maybe you are not so big on prophecies, I know you feel this one…So here we go!


To a new beginning, love and freedom. May this year SURPRISES us in the BEST ways!


In la’Kesh 🙏



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