Do you have some extra years to waste by chasing the dreams only to find out that it was not what you really wanted? 


Not really? Congratulations!


Smart ones learn from other people mistakes.


Manifesting specific situations in your life might not give you what you really want in your core. Your dreams coming true might only bring a temporary feeling of fulfilment. In a long run you will keep wishing for new things to make you happy over and over again…


So let me share with you a short story.


Years ago I used to constantly live in a land of daydreaming. That helped me escape my present reality because I wasn’t fully enjoying it. However, later on my passion for personal development and spirituality made me discover the law of attraction and different manifestation techniques. I started to persistently use all the different ways to attract the reality I wanted – visualizations, affirmations, vision boards and spiritual practices every single day.


I thought that will bring me new life.


And guess what?


It did! Because of this persistent focus, most of my dreams became reality. I moved to south France, travelled the world, took as many personal development classes as I could and had the motivation to accomplish anything I put my mind into. I finally became healthier and somewhat successful. It seemed like a “perfect” world from the outside.


But something was wrong. It wasn’t making me truly happy.


I started to recognize that other people in my surrounding world were miserable. Even though it seemed like they had what they wanted, they were craving for a deeper connection and escape so much that the only way to cope with it was to dive into the additions. They were not fully conscious of something bigger than them and their desires.


And I started to become one of them.


So what I thought will bring me happiness, was just a temporary illusion of it. All those dreams were created in my head. They were not true heart desires even if at that time they looked quite innocent. Eventually that brought me a lot of pain, disappointment and even led me straight to the rock bottom. But as it often happens, that hit made me discover more important values in life and start a new journey.


By hitting the rock bottom while having the dreams coming true, I understood that that’s not where the real happiness was residing. It made me re-discover the Union with Divine and learn to truly live from my heart. And this is the most important step before trying to achieve anything in life. As you’ve probably already heard :


But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.


So if you take a minute, look inside and ask yourself : “Why do I really chase all those things?”


What you will discover are your core desires : peace, happiness, connection, fulfillment and love. All those pretty words.


So why not go straight to the source of all of it without wasting anymore time?


Trying to make things happen the way you want is also limiting your possibilities to experience life. The universe always has an incredible soul-stirring scenario for you that you could never write from where you are yourself. You just have an idea of what could bring you happiness. However most likely it is not even your idea, but an idea influenced by the mass-media and your environment. So what if it can be 100 or 1 000 times better than that?


Open up to new opportunities. Allow yourself dream from your heart, but let the God drive.


How exactly do you manifest?


The key to manifestation is and always was the feeling from the Heart.


When manifesting with the feeling you leave space for interpretation so the universe could bring you the best possible situation to experience those desired feelings.  So if you want to be happy, in love, high on life and in unity with God, ask for it: “Here is how I want to feel…”. And then work your magic and find that feeling that you want to experience, bring it up from inside of you and let it take over.


Whatever you experience NOW only keeps amplifying in the future. So make sure you are rolling in a happy snowball!


This is what a true prayer looks like.


And you can use a variety of techniques to help you sincerely feel out what you want to attract.


For example, you can listen to music. It brings the strongest feelings without trying too hard (which can also block the Qi flow and then you would have no results). Just put your headphones and dive into the song that brings you to your heart and and invokes the emotions that you consider to be the sweetest ones in the whole world.


Or you can remember a particular situation where you already felt the bliss to invite those emotions.


Can it be that simple ?




But of course you will need persistence and trust.


Keep doing it every morning, keep repeating and ordering the feelings from deep within your Heart and the universe will reflect them back to you.  And follow your bliss. More happiness you will experience NOW, more bliss you will attract in the future. Be grateful, be grateful for those feelings and for anything you experience in life. No matter how small it is, find the beauty and the sacredness in it. Gratefulness will amplify them more than you can imagine and you will see your life change in minutes.


Open up and choose to dream from your heart, not from your mind.


You are here to celebrate life.


But what if you want to manifest something specific?


There are various amazing manifestation tools like vision boards, shamanic rituals, visualizations from the heart or 5 senses manifestation techniques… which are indeed very strong and will bring you the result you want. As you probably know, where your mind goes – energy flows.


And so if you really really want to manifest a specific situation into your life, you can use them.


But first, ask yourself : “What is my real motivation?”


If you have limited beliefs or programs and you don’t fully believe that the universe has your back, these are very useful tools to overcome your doubts and learn to trust again.


But always remember to add a prayer to Divine expressing the gratitude for what you already have and asking to receive for the Highest Good of ALL. Then none of this will come with any “side effects”.


Other than that, let the universe take care of the best possible outcome by sending her your positive emotions and gratitude and letting go of your personal desires.



What are the ways you manifest your dreams into reality? What did you already attracted and how did it turned out?


Share your experience and insights and it may be a catalyst for someone else’s change:)

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